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No Appointment Necessary
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At Advanced Urgent Care we strive to keep your wait time to a minimum and provide superb service.
No appointment needed to see one of our Board Certified professional providers.

We accept most major insurances with lower co-pays than an emergency room visit. We also offer self-pay discounts.

Urgent Care Center vs Emergency Room

Urgent care centers are different from emergency rooms in many ways. While they provide many of the same services, they do not have the same pricing schedules or wait times. Here is information you need to know about the similarities and differences.

Here are some of the services urgent care cover:
* Flu or Cold
* Fever, Headaches and Chills
* Sprains
* Flu Shots
* After Hours Care

Here are some of the services that require an emergency room:
* Heart Attack or Chest Pain
* Uncontrollable Bleeding
* Severe Shortness of Breath
* Loss of Consciousness

While an ER could treat any of the urgent care issues, it is not recommended because emergency rooms are busier and much more expensive. The average urgent care visit cost patients $90-$180 for basic care, with additional costs for injections, x-rays, and labs. The average emergency room visit costs $1318.00. This is a substantial financial savings. The average emergency room wait time is 2.4 hours, whereas urgent care centers are able to see walk-in patients within 15-45 minutes.

Other Services Offered:

  • DOT Physicals
  • School & Sport Examinations;
  • Workers Compensation Care;
  • Pre-Employment Exams & Drug Screening;
  • Breath Alcohol Testing;
  • Immigration Physicals; and
  • Cosmetic Injections