“My electrolysis is a modern technique that is not as painful as older techniques. I always use sterile, prepackaged probes… all electrolysis is done according to the very strict regulations in the State of Florida.”
~ Dolores Holleman


Laser Treatment
Laser Center of Port Orange uses two state of the art lasers depending on the area, skin type and hair color. Dolores will use her years of experience to choose the correct laser for the treatment you want done. If the hair is dark and coarse, laser is the best choice.

If your hair is blonde, white, red or gray, electrolysis is still the only permanent choice for hair removal. With electrolysis, Dolores only treats small areas, such as upper lip, chin and necks.

Nail Fungus
Using the latest technology, Dolores treats nail fungus on fingers and or toes. It is a very common condition and it is a very effective treatment.

Coming soon
More cosmetic procedures performed by a physician with the LightPod Neo from Aerolase. These procedures include: spider vein removal, acne treatments, psoriasis, rosacea, cherry angiomas, and vascular lesions.